The FAR FROM HOME trailer has dropped, and we put together a list of things only true Spidey fans will know, to proudly rub in the faces of those who didn’t notice!

Spoilers ahead…



Spider-Man Noir

The fan-favourite alternate-dimension variant of Peter Parker! The character had some of the funniest lines in Into the Spider-Verse, and we’re thrilled that Marvel are including some dimension-hopping in the main MCU! Are the Noir scenes set in the past, presented as flashbacks? Is Nicolas Cage reprising his role? Are these fleeting glimpses of the costume actually an after-credits scene- a direct acknowledgement of the Spider-Verse?

We can’t wait to find out!!




The popular Spider-Man 3 antagonist finally returns in the trailer, being shot at by Nick Fury and an unnamed SHIELD agent (presumably Spider-Woman). However, SM3 gave us a Flint Marko who had renounced his life of crime by the end of the movie… What’s brought him back on a crime-rampage? Why hasn’t he been mentioned in the current MCU yet?

We can’t wait to find out what he’s been up to!



Black Cat

This one was easy to miss, so don’t feel bad. While the students are checking in a European hostel, we catch a glimpse of an unknown student flinching at a cat on the table. We can only assume that her disgust is brought on by the fact that the feline isn’t black– are we witnessing the first appearance of Felicia Hardy in FAR FROM HOME? Probably!

We can’t wait to see some love triangle action in movies 5-6!



Mary Jane Watson

The wonderful Zendaya played ‘Michelle’ in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but throughout this trailer she’s referred to as ‘MJ’. What a lot of people may not know is that ‘MJ’ is actually a nickname of Spider-Man’s wife from the comics! Is it possible Michelle’s real name is Mary? Is that due to being a part of the witness protection program? The appearance of Hydro-Man in the trailer could be a major clue here, to fans of the 90s animated series!

We can’t wait to see the eventual marriage!!


Iron Hammer

While we don’t know much about Jake Gyllenhaal‘s character in FAR FROM HOME, one character does describe him with the line:¬†“He’s like Iron Man and Thor rolled into one!”… Which, if you’re a fan of comics, perfectly describes Iron Hammer from 2018’s Infinity Wars title. You can see a clear Asgardian influence on his armor, which also includes a helmet!

This is clearly a spoiler for the ending of Avengers:EndgameРMeaning that, to save the universe, The Avengers all combine into mash-ups. Jake even looks like a combination of Robert Downey Jr and Chris Hemsworth!

We can’t wait!!!!