During the trading card boom of The 90s, Marvel produced several unforgettable lines…

Marvel Masterpieces remains one of the most fondly remembered, thanks to a huge range of characters, all beautifully rendered by Joe Jusko.

Back then, before Internet searches, trading cards like these were the only way to discover new characters! These are some of the cards that had us rushing to buy more Marvel products- perfect examples of the X-treme era…




Imagine that board room meeting. While Marvel are contemplating the popularity of their Ghost Rider character, someone spits out this beauty. “The flaming skull has been overused. How about we give him a ponytail and some shades?”



Spider-Man 2099

One of the coolest costumes in comics, ever. The 90s could have easily turned this Peter David creation into a pouch-covered, ponytailed beast. However, for once, The 90s showed great restraint. And we’re eternally grateful.




The X-Force champ had one of the most outrageous costumes in comics. Shatty (characters actually called him that) carried swords with 2 blades. Dude was walking round with 4 blades. Think about that.



Ravage 2099

The late, great Stan Lee created this character as a launch title of the 2099 imprint. It… wasn’t a great series. But, it offered a look at the 2099 world from a street level- as opposed to the glistening skyscrapers of Spidey’s title.



Punisher 2099

Besides Adam-X, Jake Gallows was arguably the most X-treme character that 90s Marvel had to offer. Look at that costume.

What a beaut.