This new feature involves drooling over artwork! We’re going to look at artists from Marvel, DC, Image, Indies and everything in between.



This week we want to share some images from Jason Shawn Alexander, artist of titles like: Spawn, Abe Sapien, The Secret, Frostbite, Marvel Zombies and Gotham Central.



JSA’s dark, frightening imagery can currently be seen in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn from Image Comics. As you can imagine, the artist is a perfect fit. His haunting figures, ominous shadows and skills at depicting horror lend themselves perfectly to the Spawn world.



JSA’s Empty Zone, a creator-owned Cyberpunk thriller, introduces us to a futuristic gangland. Colours and tattoos have been replaced with animal implants and street level skin grafts… Gothic creatures of fiction have been brought to life through advancements in genetic experimentation.



The series was originally created in 1994, and recently saw print thanks to Image Comics in 2014. It was followed shortly after by Frostbite, co-created with Joshua Williamson, from Vertigo.