This episode, we’re taking a look at one of the most popular X-Men comics of all time, beautifully drawn by the great Jim Lee…

We LOVE Jim Lee, here at Geek fair. Every project he takes on gets our nostalgia-senses tingling; You can read our look at some of his more recent work here. Lee is a master of action-packed scenes, intricate costumes and heroic group shots. The Mutant Genesis storyline is a perfect example of these skills- Featuring the classic 90s team taking on Magneto.



For this brief feature, we picked out a few examples from the recently recolored collaboration with Chris Claremont: X-Men: Mutant Genesis 2.0. This special reproduction shows perfectly how well the artist’s imagery has aged!

 It’s the opening issues of 1991’s blockbuster “adjectiveless” X-MEN series like you’ve never seen them before — remastered and fully recolored in modern style!



In a time before the Image founders moved away from ‘the big 2’, Marvel put a huge spotlight on their top-selling artists. When Claremont left the title, Lee took over writing duties too- Beautiful tales of Mojoworld and Omega Red quickly followed.



The first issue of X-Men sold around 8 million copies; Beating world records and shattering already-high expectations. It’s the go-to comic for X-Men fans growing up in the 1990s, thanks to laying the groundwork and visuals of the animated series.