Happy New Year! Geek Fair is back from its Holiday Hiatus with a comics wrap up of the year that was.

Hi, Matt here, and in no particular order here are the first 10 of my top 20 comics of last year!

Weird Comics

Dark Knights Metal– Snyder and Capullo reunite and go Bat-shit crazy with a story akin to Morrison’s Multiversity but exploring a series of worlds that never were. Introducing the Batman who laughs, a Batman Joker mash-up.

Doom Patrol– 2018 saw Young Animal, Gerard Way’s little DC imprint that could, wrap up all but one book. That book is amazing high concept sci-fi in the way that only comics can get away with. Theres sentient fun fair in the back of an ambulance that travels through space farting rainbows and it only gets stranger from there.

Klaus and the Crying Snowman– Grant Morrison and Dan Mora’s Klaus from a few years back was a gritty Batman Begins style retelling of Santa’s origin. Yeah you read that right. It has lived on with yearly holiday one-off specials since. The Crying Snowman is needlessly heart wrenching and equally sic-fi weird. Seriously more comics should be weird, guys.

Fun Comics

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid– Speaking of needlessly good. When the Power Rangers comic came out, no one thought it would be anything more than a serviceable cash in for hardcore collectors. What we actually got was incredibly good story telling. The Shattered Grid event of last year, took every incarnation of the teams and put them up against an evil ranger. The “No Ranger is Safe” tag line is very apt.

Amazing Spider-Man– Dan Slott wrapped up his decade long run on the character with a bombastic finale featuring a Carnaged up Green Goblin, and then a single issue story with a very down to earth friendly neighbourhood Spider-man, proving he can do both so well.

Fantastic Four– The Return of Marvel’s first family is also helmed by Slott with art by Sarah Piccelli, was incredibly tear jerking. Johnny and Ben finally seeing the giant 4 flair in space is a beautiful moment.

Justice League– Snyder fresh off Metal took control of DC’s biggest team. I’m so used to DC been unnecessarily dark and gritty, that a fun, quipping, colourful team that seem to enjoy been heroes is a breath of fresh air. Throw in some weird journey to the centre of Superman shrinking fun and you’ve got yourself a really enjoyable comic!

Comedy Comics

Rock Candy Mountain– Kyle Starks is a genre genius, his Kill Them All Die Hard spoof, and Sexcastle 80’s movie spoof are both incredibly funny. This time around he’s doing a hobo journey tale, and it’s full of plenty of quotable one liners, just like his last outings. Seriously if you want to laugh out loud to a comic pick this up.

Adventure Zone: Here Be Gerblins– The hit MBMBaM spin-off podcast by the McElroy brothers and dad, gets a comic reimagining. Adventure Zone is a DnD live record, were the rules aren’t taken seriously but a lot of fun is had. Carey Pietsch provides art. This must have been more popular than I thought as, off the back of this book, the McElroys have got a writing gig doing a War Of Realms spin-off at Marvel this coming summer!

The Fix– Wrapping up last year, is Nick Spencer and Steve Leiber’s bad cop duo, bad taste comedy book about a cop who wants to get a big score so he can sell the movie wrights. Needlessly funny.

Honourable Mention

The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks– Not technically a comic, but more a children’s book for adults. It is however illustrated by J Milton, an indie comic star, and I did buy it at a comic con, so shh! This rhyming and often rapping story about a young girl who stopped caring and has a much better time because of it.

More Soon

Check back tomorrow for the second half of my favourite comics of 2018! We’ll have some horror, some serious stories, some high concept stories, and some gorgeous looking books too.