The second half of our top twenty books of 2018.

It’s Matt, back again with the second half of my favourite books from last year.

High Concept Comics

Crowded– Christopher Sebela and Ro Stein’s very plausible future. Everything has an app- dog walking, takeaway ordering, dating. So why wouldn’t we be kickstarting assassinations? One of them seems to go viral and if someone is killed the murderer gets millions. So where does she turn, a body guard hiring app.

Skyward– Henderson and Garbett do some weird sic-fi nonsense world building, in a world without gravity. But the mystery of how the gravity was turned off will keep you coming back time and time again.

Kill or Be Killed– After attempting suicide a young man is saved by a demon who allows him to continue living.. IF he kills someone bad once a month. The tried and tested noir and crime team of Philips and Brubaker knock some supernatural out of the park also.

More Serious Stuff

Is This Guy For Real? The Unbelievable Andy Kaufman– Box Brown’s latest documentary style comic, is just as gripping and interesting as his Andre the Giant and Tetris books. Even if you have zero interest or knowledge about what he’s writing, you won’t be able to put it down.

X-Men Red– Marvels Mutants can never really stop been political, there’s constant minority parallels to real world events, no matter when they are written. This story however really taps into the fake news, media controlled, fearful world we live in today. Jean Grey has returned and puts together her own team against Cassandra Nova’s hate fuelling agenda.

Horror Comics

Immortal Hulk– Considering how much fun Mark Ruffalo’s on screen Hulk is having, doing a buddy cop movie with Thor in Ragnarok, it seems a bizarre choice to go and do a dark horror book. Hulk had Hawkeye kill him but Hulk can’t die. Existential Horror done well!

Venom– Donny Cates can do no wrong! This return to a darker Venom and lots of addition to the lore behind the character is great. He has had so many great books at Marvel since he broke in there. Plus Ryan Stegman is a one man twitter marketing machine. So much so that his constant joking that Venom is better than Watchmen has led to Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons doing them a spoof variant cover. Comics been fun and bringing people together- as it should be!

Vampironica– The Smallwoods take on a horror book at Archie Comics. I’ve said it before but a cast of teen stereotypes leads itself to a lot of genre spoofs. The Archie Horror books, Afterlife with, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Jughead the Hunger are a really fun play in the sandbox of characters. Plus having geeky Dilton be a sort of supernatural expert that has the gang turn a swimming pool into holy water and launch an attack with water guns is too entertaining.

Gorgeous Art

Monstress– Liu and Takedo’s book is one of the most visually stunning and gripping works of art I’ve seen in a long time. The fantasy world building really comes alive in this epic.

X-Men Grand Designs– Ed Piskor of Hip Hop Family Tree fame, is doing a retelling of the entire history of the X-men. It’s no mean feat either. That’s one hell of a convoluted mess to get through, but he does and he does it all while making it look gorgeous. Some times he even gets through entire decades of real world history of the books within a couple of issues. Very impressive however you look at it!

Well that’s it, thanks for reading, and definitely go check out our favourites! Is there anything you think we missed? What are you looking forward to this year?