In no particular order over this series I will walk you through almost all the time travel movies I can think of, from romantic cry yourself to sleep and the amazing 90’s Jean-Claude van Damme roundhouse kicking genres.




The Time Machine (2002)

Loosely based on the novel by H.G. Wells, The Time machine stars Guy Pearce and 2000’s pop sensation Samantha Mumba.

Dr. Alexander Hartdegen (Guy Pearce) is an inventor. After a mugger kills his wife he builds a time machine to travel back and save her only to see her trampled by a horse. After realising he cannot save her he travels to the future to find some answers. He does not succeed.

Then he gets knocked out and travels to a time when all humans have reverted back to a primitive lifestyle. Here he meets mara (Samanta Mumba) who is under constant threat from Morlocks. After deciding he cannot save his wife he destroys the time machine along with the morlocks and settles down with Mara in the year 802,701.




Edge of tomorrow

Starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. This is a classic groundhog day type movie but instead of falling asleep and repeating the day, the loop restarts everytime you die. Pretty much a call of duty vibe. Cage (Tom Cruise) wakes up at an airfield and put in a platoon of misfits during his first combat mission he kills a weird looking Mimic and all the blood gets splashed on him killing him.

Cage wakes up again at the same airfield. He repeats this loop about 17 times. On one of the attempts he tries to save Sergeant Rita Vrataski (Emily blunt) and she tells him to find her. Over many more loops Vrataski trains Cage to excel in combat. Cage finds out that the Mimics are plotting something big and tries to stop the catastrophe from happening.




Time Cop

YES! Being a kid in the 90’s and watching action films all day long fading the VHS every time I used it. This was up there with the repeat viewings.

By 1994, time travel has been developed and is used for illicit purposes. Enter Jean Claude Van Damn a The Time Enforcement officer. While at home with his wife, he is attacked by unknown assailants the house explode, killing her. Flash forward 10 years to 2004 Walker is a fully fledged Time Cop.

Walker is sent back in time with his new partner to spy on the bad guy McComb because he’s trying to raise money for his presidential campaign. McComb tells his younger self the all important not to touch him as the same matter cannot occupy the same space. his new partner turns on him revealing she works for McComb injured Walker returns to the altered future.